Built For The Few, Built For Better.

The RSK Shop is built for the few fans, collectors, and adventurers.

You know, knives are older than trousers; our ancestors were holding knives before they could wear a belt. Knives are a tool and manifestation of man's want to build, make and work. Now the RSK knives are to be an essential EDC and outdoor companion, a better knife for your lifestyle.

Real Steel pocket knives, tactical tools, and one-off specials can be found in our Sample Division and Shop Exclusives. More importantly, you will only find these knives at these prices here!


Real Steel pocket knives, tactical tools, and one-off specials are to be found here! Like the Sample Division, you will only find these knives at these prices here. We have added extra goodies to help you feel the benefits of shopping directly with us.
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Sample Division

The one-off completely unique Real Steel pocket knives, straight from the drawing board into your hand. Sample Division models are one of a knives as we only made a handful of each. Folding or fixed our SD knives cover all the bases and have more to offer than our standard line up knives. 

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FatCarbon is often only reserved for the very high-end custom knives out there. Such unique carbon fiber on any Real Steel knife would be a treat.

The complexity in the colors that FatCarbon has is utterly stunning. With every type of carbon fiber, Ovidijus has a clean and distinct theme which we just love; you can find so many fascinations on the FatCarbon: Toxic Storm, Arctic Storm, Purple Haze, Mars Valley... And these wonders continue.


TC Series

The TC Series is the classic Realsteel titan knives, whose titanium handles are individually anodized. During anodizing, the surface of titanium is oxidized in an electrochemical process. The resulting oxide layer is characterized by its hardness and smoothness.

RSK has prepared a number of motifs that will give your favorite item a startlingly noble look!


What is BalbachDamast Damacus?

Established in 1963 as an artisan forge by Eduard Balbach, the forge still exists today in the German city of Iserlohn. Marcus and Lucas, the father and son team at BALBACH, have been long-time partners of the brand. We chose their Damascus over others for its sheer quality, which in our opinion, stands above the rest. This team is not a massive company with hundreds of employees, but who says who needs that to make something beautiful?

In 1991 Markus Balbach set up a second forge, located in Laubuseschbach in the central German region of Hesse. There he started researching and developing Damascus steels and finally managed to produce them on an industrial scale. The forging specialists around Markus have continually developed and perfected this forging technique, which is well over 2,000 years old.