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Luna Lite Set (3pcs)

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If you are a loyal fan of Luna Lite series, you may feel pity when you want to buy Luna Lite knives with other handle colors or used for collection if they are out of stock. 

Therefore, we launched a Luna Lite set as a reward to LUNA series fans and give all of you 30% off for this set, which contains three colors, black, yellow and gray. It is great value for collection.

LUNA Lite is the G10 version of the original titanium model. The G10 is only a part of the change, the blade steel is now in a more economic D2 tool steel. If you thought that the original model was light, the G10 version brings the overall weight down even further allowing the Luna to slip into the pocket without even feeling like it is there. Combine this with an extremely discreet deep carry pocket clip, that resembles a pen pocket clip more than a knife clip.

Blade Steel D2
Blade Length 70mm / 2.76′'
Open Knife Length 168mm / 2.76′'
Weight 49.4g / 1.73oz
Blade Thickness 2.15mm / 0.08′


*This product is dispatched from our China warehouse.

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