Real Steel Knives – Made in China

Strategy and Team

Does the overcrowded knife industry still need a new measuring mark? Realsteel Knives answers this with innovations and a company philosophy resounds a firm‘Yes’. Since our establishment in 2013, we have been developing Realsteel Knives into a leading manufacturer of high-quality folding knives. We have earnestly listened and utilized the knowledge of our engineers and the more than 15 years of production experience of our Yulin factory to bring innovative and high-quality products to the market. Strategy Our strategy can be visualized particularly in three aspects. The first aspect is the realization of innovative technology based on traditional engineering skills. For example, we have extended the classic locking systems such as liner lock, frame lock, back lock or button lock with their own additional patentable safety devices.

Our Team

We consider our team to be our most important resource and are accordingly elective in their composition. All our team members have proven technical excellence and are extremely enthusiastic about our products. This is daily demonstrated not only in our end product, but also in our professional graphics, 3D models and hand-made prototypes at the custom-knife level. Anyone who shows this dedication over a long period of time will naturally develop a sense of trends in the market. However, our inspiration lies not only in ourselves, but also in the cooperation with brand manufacturers, with whom we exchange knowledge and experience in an open mutual dialogue. With regards to our brand, we do not rely on leading personalities or an association with military or similar specialist associations. Simply for us it is about excellence in the form design, construction and production in the team. We at Realsteel Knives have the opportunity as a profession to make what we love. We can do this only thanks to the fans who have ardent trust in our products. We want to give thanks to the dealers who provide a great service and thanks to the partners who consistently support us. For all of us here at Realsteel Knives we want to express a heartfelt thanks. CEO W. Meng.