Updated: March. 15th 2022

1. How long does the shipping take?

We ship primarily DHL, 4~8 business days, depending on the country/region.


2. There is screws, Slip Joint, or Pocket clip damaged or broken, how can i get them repaired?

Please take a Photo of this damage point and send an email to info@realsteelknives.com. Please provide the Order Number, of course. We will confirm that and then send you repair Parts.
If you get the Knife from outside our Online shop or it is broken by someone during violent Usage, we can also provide some paid repair. But we recommend you ask your local Retailer for help. 


3. I want to return the knife to you and get my money back.

Before we send the items out (normally in one day), it is no problem, your Purchase will be cancelled and you can get Refund immediately.
But if it is already delivered, you can't send it back to China due to the Import Regulation. So we will contact a local retailer to pick your goods up. You have to pay for the Shipping Cost. And After the Retailer has gotten the Knife you will receive the Refund. 


4. What is the Shipping range? Which country you can't deliver to?

We can send them globally except Russia. This may change some day. But to some east-European countries the Shipping costs are very high so we will contact you individually. 


5. Are there any other Costs like Taxes?

 Answer: yes it can be. Every Country has its own Free of Tax Limit. (EU now charges on all imported items.) If the Customs find it suspicious about the Packet Price he may ask you to show the Price with the Invoice and let you pay the Tax.


6. Why my Coupon doesn't work?

 Answer: May be it's your Internet browser's Problem, please use a modern Internet browser to make the order, like Firefox, Chrome or edge, and make sure that it is up to date.


7. Why the Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal does't work?


The Card provider may cancel your Purchase because you are purchasing in foreign countries. You can call your Card provider to approve this payment and the payment should be OK.

The Payment service from those global company may get down some time, so please wait for 1-2 days. Normally they will get back very soon. If the Order is stuck at the payment for a long time you can also ask us to cancel your order. Then you can try again.

Currently Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa) are available on our shop, every Credit Card can be used for shopping only once in 24 hours.


8. I want to buy some little parts like thumb studs but why it is cancelled without any reason?

Please notice the Item's Description. Normally these parts are only sold to our customers who have already bought a knife in THIS ONLINE SHOP.


9. I want some Custom - Modification Parts.

We only provide "Designer Approved" Modification Parts. Custom - Modification Parts are from our side not available. But we really appreciate your love for our Knives.


10. Can I return my product?


Our customer service is happy to help. Please email us directly at info@realsteelknives.com.
Please note that returned items must be in the same condition, unworn, and the original packaging.