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BRUNS Titan, Black/Gold

BRUNS Titan, Black/Gold

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*Only from the Chinese Warehouse.

Although we have implemented many of Ivan's designs over the years, he always manages to surprise us, the latest example being Bruns. The name Bruns comes from Engineer BrunS, who delights fans with his creative innovations, mechanical precision, and unique aesthetics. No wonder they appreciate each other.

This full-size front flipper impresses with its skeletonized titanium scales and straight-line design. The straight-line design runs through the Bruns, even including the front flipper. It is trained so smooth and enjoyable, when you drive it - just like a skyscraper of the future, pointing to the sky, while you can appreciate it in the palm.

The large triangle holes and titanium handle make Bruns a real lightweight that can be carried comfortably. Combined with Ivan's iconic screws and other circular/quadrilateral holes, it gives a perfect elegance and harmony in every detail.

For the blade, Ivan opted for a modified straight back, which has used the maximum length of the handle when closed. The flat-ground blade has a straight edge, while the blade tip enhances its strength through optimized angles.

Thanks to RSK's high level of workmanship and know-how, numerous details are perfectly implemented as we get used to Ivan's design, convince yourself with exquisite cutout, harmonious lanyard hole, serviceable jimping, and skeletonized 3D titanium clip…

Anyone looking for a noble crossover between a gentleman's folder and a tactical knife should not miss Bruns.


Blade: VG-10 - Satin
Handle: Titanium - Black/Gold
Open/Lock: Front Flipper/Frame Lock
Blade Length/Thickness: 90mm/3.2mm - 3.54"/0.13"
Total/Closed Length: 206mm/116mm - 8.11"/4.56"
Weight: 78g/2.75oz
Designer: Ivan D. Braginets
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