Shade, G10/Bronze Green Micarta Scale Set - Real Steel Knives Knife Budget

Shade, G10/Bronze Green Micarta Scale Set

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The first time micarta has graced the Shade. Green micarta scales come with the knife along with the original screws and clip for a nice little change up. 

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Shade G10/Bronze is an eye-opener of a knife. The bronze finished small parts catch the satin blade and grey-washed handle in such a way that is not too flashy but extremely classy. This Shade model is finished with grippy G10 on the show side and black titanium coated on the other. The titanium coat not only gives this knife a classier feel, but also adds that extra bit of grip that the standard stainless steel model lacks. This is complemented still with the D2 blade which has also been coated to stop any corrosion of the blade itself. 

Materials aside the Shade presents a fantastic figure when in the hand. The aggressive but not over the top long blade is perfect for piercing slicing and for self defense combat.

Blade Steel D2
Blade Length 60mm / 2.36′
Open Knife Length 170mm / 6.70′
Weight 128g / 4.52oz
Blade Thickness 3.5mm / 0.14′