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HUGINN Damascus G10, Sky Orange - Test Samples

HUGINN Damascus G10, Sky Orange - Test Samples

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*Only from the Chinese Warehouse.
*Only 1~2 pieces of each Test Sample are available for sale.


Which is your most cordial handle? One must be G10 material, light and robust. But this time, the RSK is regenerating it:

The DAMASCUS G10, with timeless lines, is and will always be in style!


After the success of Rokot, Ivan Braginets and RSK have implemented another work knife with many details; the result is Huginn. Thanks to the Slide Lock, the symmetrical design offers a comfortable opening for left and right-handers. It's fun to open and close the blade smoothly.

The Huginn as a fully grown knife is relatively light at approx. 105g/3.7oz. Still, it feels very solid and robust. Whenever open or closed, the Huginn is always slender and slim. The 93mm/3.66” long spear point blade with FFG fits the requirements of a functional work knife; it is also well suited for the preparation of meals. The G10 scales have an ergonomic textured grip and superior durability; with a back spacer also made of G10, Ivan emphasizes the stability and contrast again.

There're so many details behind its clean design, hidden lanyard hole, reversible deep carry clip, and functional jimping that shouldn't be missing from Ivan's models. Last but not least, the name is HUGINN, he's one of Odin's ravens, and you will see the look of the raven on the blade ... hold it and feel it, you will get more!


Blade: VG-10 - Satin/Black
Handle: Damascus G10 - Sky Orange
Open/Lock: Slide Lock
Blade Length/Thickness: 93/3.0mm - 3.66"/0.12"
Total/Closed Length: 211/118mm - 8.31"/4.65"
Weight: 105g/3.7oz
Designer: Ivan D. Braginets
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