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LUNA, Copper CF - Test Samples

LUNA, Copper CF - Test Samples

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*Only from the Chinese Warehouse.
*Only 1~3 pieces of each Test Sample are available for sale.


The prototype division of RSK never stops implementing new ideas at customers' request; the new result is the use of Copper/Aluminium carbon fiber!


Luna joins the list of another number of Poltergeist works colabs that we have under our belt. However, this knife is something very very different. The Luna is our first slip joint with Jakub! We designed this knife with the gentleman in mind. Literally as light as a feather and beyond scalpel sharp, the Luna takes on the traditional conceptions of old dusty, lost in time slip joint designs and takes them to a new level. Jakubs keen eye for everything functional is apart in the Luna. The extreme lightness of this knife also makes it a wonder for pocket carry. This is coupled with the awsomely designed deep carry pocket clip that can fit smoothly into the coat pocket or blazer jacket, making it a perfect candidate for EDC carry or general knife rotation.


Blade: Böhler N690 - Satin
Handle: Copper CF
Open/Lock: Slip Joint
Blade Length/Thickness: 70/2.2mm - 2.76"/0.09"
Total/Closed Length: 168/98mm - 6.61"/3.86"
Weight: 50g/1.76oz
Designer: Jakub Wieczorkiewicz
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