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LUNA TC03 - Blue Geometry, Satin

LUNA TC03 - Blue Geometry, Satin

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The LUNA has marked her name on the slip joint and EDC field. Now it's time to celebrate with her and you: the LUNA TC series.

It is upgraded from the most classic LUNA Titan. In hand, it is still your most cordial feeling; but in the eyes, entirely different!

How do we paint on the handle? Thanks to our new titanium coloring tech, Jakub and we almost feel free to create further appearances for the LUNA. Not only excellent corrosion resistance but also exquisite coating! 

One more thing: each model is limited to 499; get your one!


Blade Steel N690
Handle Material TC4
Blade Length 70mm/2.76"
Total Length 168mm/6.61“
Weight 75g/2.65oz
Blade Thickness

2.15mm / 0.08”

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