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Rokot, Imperial White G10

Rokot, Imperial White G10

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*Only from the Chinese Warehouse.

The Rokot designed by Ivan Braginets. Ivan although known for his higher end S-Series models has finally offered something that everyone can get their hands on. The Rokot on the face of things is a simple design, with a simple full flat grind blade and less than angular handle. However the devil is in the detail with this knife. Firstly, the Rokot brandishes 3 opening mechanism: front flipper, thumb stud and nail groove, which makes this a fantastically versatile knife. The blade is made of Bohler N690, a step us from D2 and a steel we have been utilizing a lot in our tactical knives. The handle dots and dashes are indeed that and spell out the name of the designer in Morse code egg. The spine of the handle and blade have been jimped all the way around to offer as much resistance as possible when in hand. The pocket clip is reversible to serve on both sides of the knife which again offer that versatility, especially for those left handers out there! To top all of this off, Ivan’s quintessential designed screws allow a simple screwdriver to take the knife apart.

This model is finished with white G10 and black small parts. The blade is also blackwashed for a further epic contrast to the white G10.

Blade: Böhler N690 - Black
Handle: G10 - White
Open/Lock: Front Flipper/Thumb Stud/Liner Lock
Blade Length/Thickness: 95/3.5mm - 3.74"/0.14"
Total/Closed Length: 210/115mm - 8.27"/4.53"
Weight: 112g/3.95oz
Designer: Ivan D. Braginets
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